The Stray Comic Project

One of my dreams, goals and ambitions is to become a comic book pencial artist. My inspiration didn't come from traditional Super Heroes such as Superman, Batman or even Spiderman, though Stray herself certainly has been influenced by the traditional Superheroes that have been around long before I was even thought of! My inspiration actually came from Sonic the Hedgehog and reading Archie's Sonic comics. The Sonic comics were what got me into Comic book art in the first place.
I decided to try my hand at creating a new Super hero. I love cats and I wanted a cat-themed Superhero. The thing is, the first thing people think of is, yes. You guessed it. Catwoman. Everyone thinks of Catwoman when it comes to cat themed Superheros. But Catwoman isn't a hero...she's a villian! She's a theif. People don't necessarily realize that. But then you have other Cat themed heroes from the Marvel side of the Comic world...Black Cat and Tigra...and White Tiger. So what's in my right mind trying to create something that's rendered Cliche at most, and automatically thought of as a "Catwoman" clone!?
I highly assure you folks, that Felinox is anything but a Catwoman clone!

I want to point out the specific differences between Catwoman and Stray. Stray has real cat powers, her claws are real. Sure, in the Catwoman movie she got her powers from the Egyptian Goddess Bastet, but Stray got hers in a freak biological accident.
Stray can also speak to cats, she has the combined strength and DNA of EVERY existing cat on earth, and she can run fast in short bursts. Her powers would depend on the abilities of Earth's felines, but each feline is unique...I'm sure I could come up with a lot. Time will certainly tell after all, as I develop Stray's powers and personality.
Catwoman is a theif and she just acts like a cat. Her claws aren't even real. Stray on the other hand holds to high standards, and wouldn't lower herself to stealing.

So the differences are that Stray has more REAL cat abilities, she has a completely different attitude and personality, and her cat attributes are real. They aren't just claws in a suit. Not to mention, Stray wears armor. How many cat heros can you say wear ARMOR!? Not too many! Can I say leather and spandex? Hahaha. Stray's armor consists of a special alien nanite technology that is designed specifically to move with her body.

Now, do you still think Catwoman? I'd certainly hope you won't. This part of Mau's Creative Energy is dedicated to my Stray Comic project.

Want to learn more about Stray? I plan to put a whole gallery here for looks. :3 Click on the links to see sample art and learn about the Characters. :3

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