Felinox Character Profiles

So who is who in the world of Felinox? In this section I supply the character profiles and a character sketch of each character. The characters will be divided into three catagories: Allies, Rivals, and Enemies. Allies speak for themselves, they're the good guys and friends of Felinox. They're the ones that will either jump in to give her a hand, or else they're a close friend or family member to Felinox.
Enemies are also kind of self explanatory. They're the bad guys, and the ones trying to ruin the day and give the Super heroes more work to do. They're the ones out to hurt people, and hurt the ones Felinox cares about.
Rivals on the other hand, don't fall under either catagory. They can be good, they can be bad, and they can be semi good and semi bad. They might help Felinox out once ina while, they might taunt her and think they're better than she is. They  might be that expert theif that Felinox never quite catches, but Felinox kind of develops a very odd and strange close bond with. Whatever the case, they aren't really allies, they aren't really enemies...they're somewhere inbetween.


Felinox/Phoebe Katzen


Leroy Katzen

??? Katzen (Phoebe's Mom)




The Shifter



Karnival Knight

Dark Felinox